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PURE-AIR technology, 10 years of professional R & D and manufacturing, dust collectors, dust collectors, smoke purifiers!

PURE-AIR technology, 10 years of professional R & D and manufacturing, dust collectors, dust collectors, smoke purifiers!

Cheap dust collector are available on the market, although the Collect dust fume does a satisfactory job. But the relative price is that the noise problem in the workshop cannot be effectively alleviated, which involves a new problem, the problem of noise hazards!

High-decibel noise will cause irreversible damage to the hearing of employees of an enterprise. Noise damages the sensory hair cells of the ear sensory organ (cochlea). Once the sensory hair cells are damaged, they will never recover. Sensory hair cells that feel high frequencies are most vulnerable to noise damage, so the hearing of ordinary people has been damaged by noise, especially if they work in a noisy environment for a long time, their hearing will gradually lose.

Collect dust fume

Many workers in front-line production reported that some low-priced dust collectors would make a lot of noise when they were running. This noise has a great impact on people, but the dust collectors also have to work. If they are turned off, industrial dust will cause harm to people. For the problem of needle noise, PURE-AIR provides the following solutions:

The muffler must be used in many large workshops. This is also a method to directly reduce noise. During the operation of the dust collector, the muffler first passes through the muffler and then is introduced into the pipeline, thus avoiding the direct transmission of noise.

Dust collector manufacturers

Dust collector manufacturers with first-class service have already considered this problem in the production design, so now some manufacturers have made improvements in terms of noise. In order to reduce this noise, the design of the aerodynamic performance should minimize the impact of airflow, impact Smaller, the vortex flow will also become smaller, so the sound will become smaller.

Different areas of workshops must choose reasonable fans, because fans have a lifespan. In order to save costs, some workshops directly choose large fans without considering the area of the workshop. It should be known that the bigger the fan, the louder the sound, and the gap between the fans must be designed according to the specifications. If the gap is small, the noise will be louder.

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