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PURE-AIR, focusing on the research and development of Fume Extractor & Dust Collector for 12 years.

Our products are widely used in Laser processing, Electronics, Digital printing, 3D printing, Mechanical Engineering, Dental, Pharmaceutical & Medical, and other 30+ industries.

With high purification efficiency and long service life of the filter element, 10000+ customers in 70+ countries.

As a strong manufacturer in China, we are looking for partners all over the world.
We will provide our partners with a wide range of support and services, as well as a vast profit margin.

New IQ2 intelligent control system

New IQ2 intelligent control system

Real-Time Air Monitoring (RMA) Technology

Automatic flow control (AFD) and filter real-time monitoring (RMF) technology

Intelligent IoT Monitoring and Management (IoT Plat) Platform

12 years experience in fume and dust purification systems

At PURE-AIR, we R&D, manufacture fume and dust purification systems for a wide range of industrial sectors and applications.

Our products play a very important part in the workplace environmental programs of organisations across the world, while at the same time helping to improve industrial process performance by minimizing disruption to production.

No compromise, just great, innovative technology.


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