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Laser Marking and Coding Fume Extractor

Filtration rate: 99.99%@0.3um
Filter: four layer filters
Alarm function: Filter blockage alarm

It is suitable for fume and dust collection in the production process of laser marking, laser engraving, laser scribing and laser coding.

Laser Fume & Dust extraction

By maintaining a dust-free operating area, our systems help to protect valuable equipment, maintain a higher quality mark and reduce the number of rejects and contaminants.


Traceability and date codes / Deep laser engraving / Laser coding / Laser drilling

Laser cutting / Web scoring / Laser welding / Laser perforating

Laser cleaning / Laser kiss cutting / Laser pairing / Laser etching

Laser marking / Laser engraving / Laser micro-machining


* Over 12 years’ experience in portable fume and dust extraction and filtration

* Innovative solutions / * High quality, affordable machines

* High-efficiency production plant / * Global network of distributors

* Keeping the world working safely / * Meet environmental policy


* Proven safe and innovative solutions / * Fast and easy to install / * Low level noise

* Clean and energy efficient / * Compact designs with small footprint

* Long life filters with low replacement costs / * Patented products, software and filter technology

* Highest quality standards, SureTest standard / * Suitable for a wide range of applications

Fume Extractor Specification